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Dialogue to Action

In October 2015, Kids4Peace launched Dialogue to Action— a new project in Jerusalem. Dialogue to Action is comprised of three parts:

1. The Jerusalem Project: Engaging Jewish, Christian and Muslim young adults from the Jerusalem area in an interfaith dialogue and nonviolent action.

2. Activism: Working with local and regional organizations to develop joint programs and events in the Jerusalem area, focused on promoting social and political change.

3. New Theology of Peace: Reclaiming, through the use of blogs, radio appearances and public speaking engagements the role of religion in the Israeli/Palestinian discourse on the conflict.

The project is rooted in faith-based activism and nonviolent political-change. We draw from the wisdom of spiritual teachers and the passions of the young adults themselves. We are aware of the multitude of dialogue programs that strive to create relationships between Palestinians and Israelis. We feel, however, that dialogue is not enough.

We must take our work to the next level by shifting from dialogue to action. As the streets of Jerusalem continue to burn, the cries for change must be answered.

Dr. Yakir Englander is the director. 

Yakir Englander with Imam Siraj Wahhaj in Brooklyn

We walk together around the Old City, a site of much tension yet great possibility

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