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Find Out What is New in K4P Jerusalem

Scholarship and Study Opportunities for K4P Alumni

The Kids4Peace Jerusalem staff has compiled a directory of information with various scholarship and study opportunities - both domestic and abroad - at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels for alums and young staffmembers alike.  Check the link below to be re-directed to the Google Doc with the information, if you have any questions, email

Freedom in Our Religions

 Text Study in 3 Languages  

Members of the Jerusalem staff put together an excellent text study. The texts Jewish, Muslim and Christian delve in to the issue of freedom according to each of the religions and we have made this available to all to look at and use - just follow the link! If you have any questions regarding the text study or any others that have been used, email or

Kids4Peace Jerusalem Celebrates its 10 Year Anniversary!

In January, Kids4Peace Jerusalem celebrated its 10 year anniversary of interfaith dialogue with the Muslim, Christian and Jewish youth of Israel and Palestine and their families.  We were thrilled to host around 300 participants, staff, family and friends at the event which featured a wide array of wonderful speakers, awards and performances.  It was a great event that was truly enjoyed by all who attended and proves a testament to the growth of Kids4Peace over the past 10 years and 10 years to come! For more information, check the following link.

For photographs go to: 10 Year Celebration

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