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Youth Action Program,  10th-12th 


The Youth Action Program is for 10th - 12th graders who completed their first four years in Kids4Peace. This new program reunites our most committed youth for a year filled with high-level lectures, dialogues, projects, and enhanced leadership development.


We will explore/learn together with the youth what interests each individual, set up a plan for the year and execute it. We will facilitate interactions, meet key leaders, and continue to work on your skills for public engagement, in order to foster long-term habits of civic involvement.


The time has come to put into practice all that we have gained together through the years, to go out and meet, influence, act and change, and give back to your community.


Participants are obligated to participate in all meetings. The cost of the program is 450 NIS and should be paid by check or online at registration. *Overnight seminar costs are not included in program fee, 250 NIS.



Save The Dates!

November 3rd, 17:00-20:00 - Planning Meeting @ k4p office

December 1st-2nd (Thursday-Friday) - Seminar - skill workshop
January 12th - Planning Meeting @ k4p office

January 17th - Winter Event!

*TBD: The rest of the calendar is based on the youth's projects

We Believe: If a large, representative, and well-connected constituency of Palestinians and Israelis can grow steadily over time, reach critical populations, and effectively communicate its message in public and with key leaders, then this constituency will receive increased public support, continue to grow, and build momentum in support of peace that will, over time, motivate political leaders to abandon the rhetoric of fear and take steps toward Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Ittay Flescher - Coordinator:

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