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Founded in Jerusalem in 2002, Kids4Peace is a global movement of Jewish, Christian & Muslim youth, dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in divided societies around the world.


Through a network of local chapters, Kids4Peace operates five international summer camps and a six-year, year-round program for hundreds of Palestinian, Israeli and North American youth.


We are trying to change the conversation — to bring new questions, and new answers to the struggle for peace, ones that are based in real relationships of trust and understanding.


Our mission is to build interfaith communities that embody a culture of peace and empower a movement for change.


Diversity in family background, political perspective, & religious practice

Equality among women & men, religions & cultures, nations & peoples

Sensitivity toward the pain, struggle and risk of living together


Spirituality as a source of strength, courage, and wisdom


Connectivity across our global community


Respect for the experiences, beliefs, and choices of others,including those most different

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