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Udi Cohen

Director and General Manager

Udi Cohen is Director and General Manager of Kids4Peace Jerusalem.  He is an experienced formal and informal educator, nonprofit leader, and social activist in Israel and abroad.  In 2017 Udi served as NATAN’s Head of Mission on Lesbos island, Greece, where he oversaw the OHF Community and Education Center for refugees and served as liaison with the UNHCR as well as local and international NGOs.  Previously, he was the head of the Reform movement’s network of early childhood centers in Jerusalem, where he opened the first classes for children of asylum seekers and foreign workers. He holds BA and MA degrees in Education and Jewish Studies from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Sydney; a teaching certificate for early childhood education; and an MA from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the management of non-profit organizations.

Ghadeer Sabat-Kort

Operations Manager

Ghadeer joined Kids4Peace in January 2015 and now serves as Operations Manager. She was born in the Old City of Jerusalem. She has a BA in Accounting and a minor in Business from Bethlehem University, and is continuing with a Master’s in International Cooperation and Development. Ghadeer lives in Jerusalem with her husband and son. Ghadeer joined the Kids4Peace team because she recognizes that though it is tough work, she wants to be involved in any way that she can.

Angham Hussien

Co-Director of Education

With a Master’s Degree from Hebrew University, Angham comes with a wealth of experience in facilitation, counseling, and education. From a young age, she has been participating in programs that seek to bridge the divide between different groups. With this being her third year at K4P, she looks forward to continue being an advocate for hope and change in our movement.

Suma Qawasmi

Community Manager

Suma is the Community Manager at K4P. Suma has a BA in English Literature and Business from Birzeit University. She is from Jerusalem and considers herself a social person who likes to meet new people, learn about others and explore different cultures and backgrounds.

Ittay Flescher

Education Director

Ittay Flescher is the Education Director at Kids4Peace Jerusalem. Born in Israel, Ittay moved to Australia as a child and worked there as a high school teacher specializing in formal and informal Jewish Education for the past 15 years. Ittay is married with two children aged 7 and 10. His family moved to Jerusalem in 2018 to begin the next chapter of their lives in a city that has captured their imagination for many years. 

Working with the Kids4Peace team is a huge privilege for Ittay, in that it allows him to learn from the many narratives of youth who are searching for ways to make the city of Jerusalem more fair, just and equal for all.

Reuven Stone

Guest Relations Coordinator

Reuven joined Kids4Peace in March 2019 as Guest Relations coordinator. Originally from the US, Reuven has been living in Jerusalem since 2016. He has a BS in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University.

Basheer Abu-Baker

Finance Officer

Basheer joined Kids4Peace as the Finance officer in April 2017 as an expert in NGO financial management with vast experience in organizational growth and administration. As a certified public accountant with an MBA, Basheer has served as CFO for several local and international businesses. His deep belief in working toward peaceful coexistence has led him to dedicate his efforts to the field, working not only with Kids4Peace but also with our partner Hand-in-Hand. Basheer grew up in the Galilee and lives in Jerusalem with his family.

Ismat Othman

Sixth Grade Leader

Ismat Othman has been with Kids4Peace for four years. Ismat is from Jerusalem, and when he is not working with Kids4Peace, does carpentry and furniture design. He believes in the holy work Kids4Peace is involved in, and hopes to create a chance for the next generation to live in peace, inshallah.

Sewar Uthman

Eighth Grade Leader

Sewar Uthman is an Arab Muslim Palestinian woman. She grew up in Beit Safafa in Jerusalem. She went to the YMCA kindergarten where she grew up in a multicultural environment and graduated from Hand in Hand school for coexistence between Arabs and Israelis, Muslims, Jews, and Christians. She played pro tennis in Israel-Palestine as well as in the USA and Canada, reaching the top 6. She has been part of k4p for 9 years. Right now she is the coordinator of 7th grade program in Jerusalem and coordinating with Carmiel and Reuven. She also works at BYU university at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. Next year, she is going to learn psychology and management at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Sewar has believed in coexistence since she was a child growing up at the Hand in Hand school and kids 4 peace. Misunderstanding and fear come from not knowing the other - kids for peace is the bridge between all the identities in Jerusalem. 

"Kids 4 peace is the way I look at Jerusalem and the world today."

Bahia Aweida

Tenth Grade Leader

Bahia grew up in Jerusalem, where her parents and grandparents were from as well. As a Palestinian public school educator, she has an MA in education and a BA in biology. Coursework in conflict resolution and facilitation led her to dive into peace work, especially with her language skills in Arabic, English, Hebrew, French, and Spanish. Bahia joined K4P in 2014 out of a belief that it is a center for coexistence in Jerusalem.

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