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Kids4Peace Jerusalem Objectives 


Bridge divides:

Develop relationships of trust and respect among youth from different religious, cultural and political backgrounds. 


Train leaders:

Equip youth with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be public leaders for peace —  now and throughout their lives. 


Inspire action: 

Support youth-led activism to address the issues of conflict, violence and injustice that divide our communities.  


Build Community:

Grow a diverse and committed community of youth & parents who inspire hope that peace is possible and motivate others to join the movement.  


The Kids4Peace Journey: 

“From first encounter with the other to working side by side for social change”

Encounter > Understanding > Agency >      Action

Responsibility Vision         Social Change


Our Method: 

Experiential: Active & participatory

  • Fun and engaging activities!

  • Transformative Encounters across Difference

  • Mentored Practice of Leadership Skills

  • Resilient Community of Support

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