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Sample Program 1: Humans of Jerusalem

Aim: To educate about the different populations in who call Jerusalem home


1: Ask youth if they can describe the beliefs, clothing and popular neighborhoods for each of the following groups.

Secular Muslims, Chrsitains, Religious Muslims, Dati Jews, Secular Jews, Haredi Jews, Traditional Muslims

2: Ask youth why they know more people of some groups than others

3: Invite youth to guess what percentage each group makes up of the total Jerusalem population

4: Share the actual numbers

5: Discuss why they over estimated the numbers of some groups and underestimate others. (usually, most youth assume that the group they belong to is the largest).

















What percentage of Jerusalem has each of the following identities?


Secular Muslims




Religious Muslims


Dati Jews


Secular Jews


Haredi Jews


Traditional Muslims

                                                                 = 100%

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