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Talia and Shali Share their K4P Experience

In a tense Jerusalem, an inside look at the city’s youth movement for peace
By Avi Meyerstein - October 2022

What these young people do every week at Kids4Peace Jerusalem is often not easy or popular. Yet those who participate — and their parents — seem to have discovered its rewards and know what an opportunity it presents. They walk away with relationships and skills that are simply unheard of in today’s reality. 


Interfaith efforts strained by Israeli-Palestinian violence
May 14, 2021

The escalation of violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is dismaying American Muslims and Jews who’ve been working to build bridges between their communities and are now struggling to quell fear and anger in their own circles.

The greenshoots of Palestinian and Israeli
cooperation for change 
Plus61J - July 2020

Ittay Flescher explores what we can learn from the first written exchnage of ideas bteween between Jewish nationalists and Arab leaders in Palestine which happened in 1899 when Yusuf Dia Pasha al-Khalidi, who was a former mayor of Jerusalem wrote to Zadok Kahn, the Chief Rabbi of France.

Lessons from Ireland: ‘Killing Didn’t Advance Change; Politics Has’
Plus61JMedia - September 2019

Ittay Flescher recounts the lessons learned by 12 Jewish, Muslim and Christian Youth from Jerusalem who visted Belfast to learn about peacemaking with Gary ason. 

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Killing Peace With A Thousand Cuts
Forward - October 2018

Omar, a longtime participant with  Kids4Peace explains the impact of the program on his idenity. 

U.S. Is Ending Final Source of Aid for Palestinian Civilians
New York Times - September 2018

Wong recognizes that the Aid from America helped to fund peace activities between Palestinians and Israeli. By ending the source of aid, there could be effects on programs such as Kids4Peace.

Leadership Goes to Capitol Hill
Haaretz - August 2016
Muslim, Christian and Jewish K4P Leadership youth spent 10 days in Washington D.C., advocating for change and promotng peace. 
Back-to-School Party Celebrates Coexistence
Times of Israel - August 2016
More than 400 Arab and Jewish children and their parents joined Kids4Peace at the Jerusalem YMCA to celebrate coexistence and start a new school year.
'Stubborn Optimism in Violent Days'
United States Institute of Peace - October 2015
"A Jerusalem program for understanding feels strain and carries on." 
shocked and inspired k4p.png
K4P's Parent's Group Offers Eye-Opening Experiences for Adults

Forward: The Sisterhood - October 2015




K4P parent recounts a shocking story she heard at K4P during a tense period, and offers a reason for K4P: "for all of us to come to new understandings and new awareness."

Building a New Generation of Peacemakers

Huffington Post - September 2014

One of the staff, a strapping man from the West Bank said, "I learn new things every day and I like it." He leaned forward, and faced us square on. "Kids think deeply and have a lot of things to teach us." He brushed his red and black kuffiyeh over his shoulder.

natalie portman jeru.jpeg
Actor Natalie Portman Visits K4P in Jerusalem

Angelican News: February 2014


Natalie Portamn visits K4P, hears from the youth, and shares her support.

Yakir Englander - "Creating a More Peaceful World Through Youth and Music Programs"

US Dept of State - February 2013


Yakir Englander, a Fulbright-Yitzhak Rabin Scholar, is on a mission for peace. 

"This Fulbright scholarship offers me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I intend to grasp with both hands!” Englander said. “The title 'Fulbright Scholar' opens many doors for me; it is my responsibility to reciprocate by working for honest dialogue.”

Kids4Peace Jerusalem Celebrates is 10 Year

​Haaretz - 25 January 2013

​More than 300 activists and kids involved in the Jerusalem Kids4Peace nonprofit met last Thursday night to mark 10 years of bringing together Jewish, Christian and Muslim youth from Israeli and Palestinian homes. "We were shocked by how many people came to this event," co-director Rebecca Sullum told Haaretz yesterday. "This was really empowering, that all these people want to continue supporting the work we are doing," the native of Allentown, Pennsylvania said. Kids4Peace founder Henry Ralph Carse, who splits his time between Vermont and Jerusalem, said at the ceremony that even though peace has not been achieved, this was still a time to celebrate. Peace, he said, "is not a product, it is a practice.” 

To the silent majority: Peacebuilding is not a





Meredith Rothbart - May 2021

Peace starts by demanding change. It starts with dedication and commitment, with humanizing the other. And it starts 20 years before it is achieved.

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